Tennis preseason at Bruguera Academy

All ready to Tennis Preseason at Bruguera Academy

Preseason is a crucial period of physical and mental preparation at Bruguera Academy. While our tennis players continue their academic studies, they will work as elite athletes between 4 and 6 weeks in order to prepare the upcoming tournament season.

Our recipe will make you faster, stronger and more powerful. We will improve your abilities strengthening ligaments and tendons and help you avoid future injuries.

At Bruguera Academy we create an exclusive work plan adapted to each player. With the help of our coaches, physical trainers and our sports nutritionist team you achieve the physical development of an elite player.

We work exhaustively to reach excellence with each and every one of our players, and the effort is the reward. With each player we establish goals and the work load we want to be done, according to his/her objectives to achieve an ideal training program.

physical Tennis preparation at Bruguera Academy

Physical Tennis preparation at Bruguera Academy

The specific work plan is carried out in 2 phases:

Personalized and specific physical training for tennis

This training program is designed to improve the strength, speed, endurance and flexibility of each player.
Following the Bruguera methodology, which is qualified by professionals and athletes as very demanding, is the best way to become a champion. We evaluate and analyse all types of metrics to know the physical condition of the athlete. This data is taken as a starting point to set the work program in order to achieve the objectives during preseason.

Analysis and evaluation of your game

The second phase of the program is analysis and corrections.
Thanks to monitoring tools and video analysis, we correct your mistakes for when you go on the court, each one of your hits is accurate and devastating for your opponent.
The preseason is held on the campus of Bruguera Tennis Academy, in a unique setting with beaches and mountains at the closest reach, in full nature and still near the city of Barcelona. You will immerse yourself in a multicultural environment ideal for improving sports and social values.
If you dream tennis, come and join us!


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